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Primacoustic Bass drum boom isolator KickStand Part#P300 0200 00

Primacoustic Bass drum boom isolator KickStand Part#P300 0200 00

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  • The KickStand™ is a microphone boom arm isolator that combines a

    massive stabilizing base with an isolation pad to prevent resonance from

    the stage, riser or studio floor from entering the microphone. The KickStand

    helps eliminate this problem by decoupling the microphone stand from the

    stage while providing a stable base to hold the microphone firmly in place.

    The design begins with a thick, high-density acoustic foam isolation pad

    that covers the entire bottom plate. The special shape of the steel platform

    prevents the stand from resonating, and provides sufficient height to allow

    the boom arm and microphone to be articulated into an ideal position.

    The combination of soft foam to decouple and heavy steel to stabilize the

    microphone results in greater clarity and improved transient response.

    Although originally developed for bass drums, the KickStand is very

    effective on electric guitar, bass and other instruments that may be subject

    to floor resonance and other low frequency noise.


    • High-density open cell acoustic foam base

    • Laser-cut steel platform for mass and stability

    • Innovative design for the boom attachment

    • Small footprint for drum riser


    • Stops floor, stage and drum riser resonance from entering the microphone

    • Getting a great kick drum sound is quick and easy

    • Makes it easier to set the kick drum sound

    • Delivers a better sounding drum kit and overall mix

    Cool Stuff

    • Compact, fits any stage or drum riser

    • Holds mic in place for better transient attack

    • Makes it easier to get the job done

    • Like a Recoil Stabilizer for drums! 

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