Danny Pelfrey - Felicity, Spin City, Guiding Light , Star Trek

"I just wanted to say a few words of thanks to the guys at Audio Perception.  For many of us the days of having a full time assistant and tech around have passed due to shrinking budgets.  My studio still remains as complex as ever, now even more so.  When I decided to consolidate, simplify, and re purpose a lot of my computers, I really needed some help as I am most definitely a not a good tech!  I got real lucky when I met these guys.  They came in, consulted, and took notes.  A few days later they came back and did everything I needed.  They had good ideas and suggestions everywhere I needed them.  And on an ongoing basis they continue to be there for me and always provide the support I need.  I recommend them every chance I get and everybody who uses them has the same experience I did.  And they're nice guys!  What more could you ask for?"Felcity

Danny Pelfrey - TV and Film Composer


6 BMI awards/2 Emmys
Joseph King Of Dreams
Spin City
American Dreams
Guiding Light
Strong Medicine
Star Trek franchise for Activision
Owner and CEO of Amusicom Production music