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Audio Perception is an audio technology, consulting, design, support and sales company based in Los Angeles, California. They service a wide range of audio, entertainment and music professionals, including film and TV composers, music artists, songwriters, producers, studio owners, technology and entertainment companies and the audio post industry. David Knauer and Jason Atkinson, the founders of Audio Perception, each have over 30 years of experience that has accumulated in a broad knowledge of all things audio related. Additionally, they both have a deep understanding of computers, music, electronics, audio engineering, software, audio post and sound design.

David Knauer - President/CEO - David is an experienced audio engineer, producer, tech, designer, consultant and entrepreneur. As AP’s captain, he spends his days steering the ship and making sure it stays on course. In addition to his captain duties, his days are full of tracking and mixing a wide variety of music and audio post projects, mastering audio, doing studio designs and layout, tech support and client consultation. David has spent most of his life working in the audio, technology and computer industry and continues to grow everyday.
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Jason Atkinson - Vice President/CTO - Jason, who is a graduate of the Musicians Institute, is an experienced singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer and tech. Every day, Jason puts his many years of experience in music and audio to work in dealing with clients, composing tracks for music libraries and helping to run the company. His background provides indispensable knowledge that Audio Perception’s clients rely on.
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Combining their abilities, knowledge and creativity, David and Jason formed Audio Perception in 2008 to focus on providing comprehensive service and support with a complete top to bottom approach. They specialize in covering everything from studio design, construction, acoustics and complete consultation services, to all types of tech support including, wiring, patch bays, wall panels, computers, software and instruction. Lastly, they carry a full line of audio equipment, hardware, software and more. This complete support model ensures their clients receive thorough and reliable technical service.

David: “I started my journey in music at the early age of ten when I learned to play the piano. Throughout the next 8 years I moved on to play the trumpet, the french horn and finally the guitar. My other passion during this time was computer programming and by the eighth grade I was programming my own video games. Never once did I realize what connection music and computers would have in my future.

While playing in bands during high school, I got my first four track recorder and started to record my band's music. In no time, I started to record other local bands and artists as well. In 1987, while still in the 11th grade, I opened my first studio. Then, literally the very next day after high school graduation, I left for the summer to attend The Recording Workshop's audio engineering program in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Over the next 11 years, my studio grew from analog to digital and from 4, to 8, to 16 and finally to 32 tracks. I also began to produce most of the bands I was recording. During that time computers began to take on a big role in the recording process as we moved into a digital, and then a software based studio environment. By the early 90's, I had my studio, was teaching at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences as a mixing instructor, and was chief engineer and manager of another large commercial Phoenix studio.

In 1996 I relocated to Los Angeles and started my company, Knight Thyme Productions. As an engineer, producer and studio owner, I worked recording and mixing on hundreds of projects including people like Rod Stewart, Puff Daddy and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. I also worked as a music editor and mixer on shows like The OC, Futurama and ER, as well as many other TV shows and films, and working as a dialogue editor, sound designer, and audio post mixer for films, shorts, TV promo and commercials.

As I started working in LA, I began to realize that there was a huge need for combining audio engineering and technical engineering. I started to focus on providing a wide range of services for TV and film composers, musicians, studio’s, producers, just about anyone who had a private or commercial studio and needed help. Since I was always very computer, electronic and mechanically inclined, it was a natural fit for me.

Over the next 7 year period, my company began to grow and change focus from just an audio production based company to offering support for all technical aspects as well. In 2003, as Knight Thyme Productions was growing swiftly and I was looking to expand my services, I began to hire Jason regularly to work with me in supporting my diverse clientele. Over the next 4 years we began to develop what has now become Audio Perception.

Since AP’s formation in 2008 I have continued to expand my palette to include audio consultant, studio designer and CEO. I spend a lot of my time now working on expanding the company, as well as doing a lot of the design and layout work for our clients. I am also called upon often for consulting, utilizing the great amount of knowledge and experience I have amassed over the years to help our clients achieve their goals. I never want to stop learning or growing and I’m always looking to understand every aspect of what we do. That way I can grow and shape the company in the best way possible”

Jason: “My musical aspirations started at a young age in my home town of Winslow, AZ. At around age 9, my first guitar was a Sears strat shaped electric. Horrible action, terribly manufactured, but it was so cool. I also started playing trumpet in 4th grade. My first "summer" band was around age 13. My mother had to drive me to band practice. Not cool. It was that summer of ’79 when I played my first real gig in front of, gulp, like 10 people. It was terrifying, yet exciting. Over the years I've played in many bands. Moved to Los Angeles to attend the Musician's Institute (G.I.T.) in 1987 and graduated from the 1 year program.

After graduating from M.I., I landed in Phoenix, Arizona, where I worked at a music store. While living in Phoenix in the early 90s, I started recording my original songs with a 4 track cassette, figuring out basic recording methods, etc. Next I moved up to 8 tracks of cassette and started recording other people. At this point, I was sequencing on an Alesis MMT-8 hardware sequencer and syncing to the 8 track cassette tape. The next step was moving up to ADAT tape machines while still sequencing on my Atari with Cubase and syncing with the JL Cooper DATASync. I also played in various Phoenix bands in the 90s.

In 1997, I moved from Phoenix to Seattle, where I played in bands and worked at Mackie Designs in the tech support department. I was on phone support for the D8b, Ultramix, Hui and most of the analog mixers. While at Mackie, I learned a lot about troubleshooting audio and computer related issues. My work at Mackie helped prepare me for the work I now do in Los Angeles.

1997 was when I first started learning Pro Tools, partly due to the use of Mackie Products with Pro Tools (D8b, Hui). That's when I bought my first Mac and started using a free version of Pro Tools that ran on the built in hardware of my Powermac 8500. From that point on, I've been using Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, Reason and Live, etc.

In 2001, I ended up back in Los Angeles working for a Pro Tools rental company. After a few years, I left that company to pursue freelance support and engineering work and started my own small business, Sound Mac Consulting. David, who I knew from my Phoenix days, was also doing freelance tech support work and he started hiring me to occasionally help some of his clients. Which takes us to this point where we have combined our talents and resources to form Audio Perception.

Playing various music instruments for much of my life, I will always need my creative music outlet. To this day, I continue to write songs and compose music for personal enjoyment as well as commercial use and profit.

My work in Audio Perception is challenging, rewarding and varied. From technical to creative, the hats I wear are many, but provide an incredible amount of personal growth and learning opportunities. While my company title is CTO, I find that some of my most valuable skills are those of being an engaged human citizen of the planet, which influences the way I run my business and treat our clients.”